APS 2023


 The ethical dimension of social intervention 

The Laura Rubio Award recognises service-learning (S-L) initiatives that promote reflection on the ethical dimension of social intervention. All papers and posters accepted for this congress will be systematically eligible, as long as they are based on an intervention or research based on an intervention.

 The assessment criteria shall be as follows:

  • Pedagogical approach that promotes democratic citizenship, civic engagement, social justice and/or the common good.
  • Proposal of tools, resources and pedagogical strategies for the development of ethical and civic education for university students.
  • Thematic quality (relevance, methodology, and originality) and formal quality (synthesis, clarity).

 The winners will receive a diploma and a prize of €500 to invest in their project.

Laura Rubio Serrano (1977-2021)

imageService-learning is also a way of understanding human development based on solidarity and the creation of links between the members of a community (...) Solidarity and altruistic service between the members of a group humanises these members and engages them in collective action that benefits the group, favours mutual knowledge and empathy, and becomes a pedagogical tool that enables personal growth and training (Rubio et al, 2011)

imageLaura Rubio held a PhD in Pedagogy, was an expert in values’ education, lecturer at the Education Faculty of the University of Barcelona (UB) and member of the "Grup de Recerca en Educació Moral" (GREM). (Moral Education Research Group).

She was a pioneer in the implementation of service-learning in our country, both in the field of formal and non-formal education. She promoted and participated in a large number of projects, both academic and on intervention. She co-directed the Education Faculty’s S-L Office at the UB and co-created the Service-Learning network of Catalan universities "Xarxa ApS" (U)CAT. She actively worked towards S-L becoming rooted in all educational stages through research, dissemination and training.

She leaves a very relevant academic legacy on this pedagogical approach, due to her rigour and democratic values, and has left a strong imprint on all those who have had the good fortune of working with her, for her generosity and human quality.

This award in her honour is intended to continue her work, furthering the expansion, evolution and ethical and democratic dimension of S-L.