APS 2023


ApS itineraries

Itinerary information

On Wednesday 25th January we will meet at 17:45 in the hall of Casa Convalescència to go as a group to each of the itineraries. People who want to arrive on their own should be at 18:05 at the place of the first visit of their itinerary, which will start at 18:15. Each itinerary combines 2 visits (which are close enough to walk from one to the other). The ludified workshop will be held at the congress venue itself. 



Casal dels Infants (Education / Reduction of inequalities)

Association that works with children, young people and their families, building spaces of trust where they find the continued support they need to make the most of their educational opportunities and personal development. They focus education towards the development of their own abilities, with quality servicesand a team specialized in the accompaniment of children, adolescents, young people and families in situations of social vulnerability.


Cehda Ghana (Migrant justice / Organic farming)

Association founded by Ghanaian and Catalan people living in Catalonia. Its objective is to improve opportunities for migrants in Catalonia and to support local community resilience initiatives in the Sawla al Savannah Region district of Ghana. They also work to create intercultural links that help break down stereotypes about migration and promote a more humane society.


Escuela Comunitaria de Formación Permanente La Troca (Education / Social cohesion)

Community space for lifelong learning with a training project for young people and adults, where they can learn to develop autonomously and critically. It is a meeting and learning space, open to all young and adult women neighbors from different neighborhoods of Barcelona (Sants, Badal, Hostafrancs, Font de la Codorniz and La Bordeta), which do not have any public school for young and adult people and with little training offer in basic skills.


Plataforma de Afectados/das por la Hipoteca de Barcelona (Right to Housing)

This platform (PAH) was born in Barcelona in February 2009 with the intention of giving a citizen response to the situation of people who, even then, began to be unable to pay the mortgage and saw how the bank could claim a very high debt, even after losing the house. The PAH is a meeting place, a place of mutual support and trust, where everyone can help and be helped.


AFATRAC Association (Affected by Behavioral Disorders, TC) (Mental Health)

Association of families affected by behavioral disorders, derived from any mental health problem. It is organized by working groups with the aim of providing information, advice and mutual support to families. In addition to promoting the creation of therapeutic resources and educational and psychological counseling, as well as the visibility of mental health problems.


Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering (Social cohesion / Volunteering)

Platform of reference for social volunteering in Catalonia. It is a network of non-profit organizations working for the development, promotion and recognition of social volunteering in Catalonia. They want to influence politically so that volunteering and associations are encouraged and recognized for their valuable contribution to democratic improvement.


ECOM Foundation (Inclusion of the physically and organically handicapped)

ECOM is a movement driven by people with physical and/or organic disabilities who work, through empowerment and participation, to achieve an inclusive society where they can exercise their rights. They act in different areas to remove physical and psychosocial barriers that limit equal opportunities and to promote changes in society that allow people with physical disabilities, if they want, to live independently and to live and participate in the community with equal conditions.


This gamified workshop is designed to create and reformulate university service learning projects. It is based on the game LEARN-PROJECT-CONTINUE, a 63-card game that puts on the table practical knowledge that must be taken into account when planning ApS projects. The game will be played together and its functioning will be explained so that participants can take it away and use it as a friendly strategy to disseminate ApS in their institutions.